Grading, Storm Sewer, Curb and Gutter, PCC Pavement, and Lighting

Lincoln County, Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Owner: South Dakota Department of Transportaion
Year: 2008
Reede Construction, Inc. Role: Prime Contractor

Highlights: * 4 driving lanes plus turn lanes * Special median design This project was located on South Dakota Highway 115. The project began at 69th Street and went 1.2 miles south. It consisted of two phases. The northbound lanes were reconstructed in 2007. The southbound lanes along with the median, sidewalk, top soiling, and seeding were all completed in 2008. UPCI performed the milling of the existing asphalt, PCC paving at 8.5" thick with doweled contraction joints at 20' spacing, and the curb and gutter work. The expansion of the road, addition of the turning lanes, and medians will aid in traffic flow and safety.