Reconstruction of I-80 and Dewar Drive.

Rock Springs, Wyoming

Owner: Wyoming Department of Transportation
Year: 2008
Reede Construction, Inc. Role: Prime Contractor

Highlights: * Reconstruction of I-80 east bound and west bound lanes - 4.5 miles in each direction. * Eight bridge replacements * New signal systems on Dewar Drive * Over 500,000 cubic yards of dirt moved * 87,000 cubic yards of concrete poured Upper Plains Contracting, Inc. coordinated twenty sub-contractors to build the Rock Springs Marginal project. The sub-contractors performed the bridge work, grading, roadway and signal lighting systems, traffic control, erosion control, fencing, and guardrail to name a few. This project consisted of reconstructing two major interchanges and the replacement of eitht bridges. the major interchange was at Exit 102 at Dewar Drive. The interchange was open at all times with traffic traveling on temporary ramps at times. The other interchange was Exit 107 at Pilot Butte, where traffic was also placed on temporary ramps. The bridge replacements consisted of 4 bridges in each direction on the interstate, or four bridges per year. The reconstruction of Dewar Drive consisted of taking a 5 lane city street and adding an additional lane. One section of Dewar Drive had an additional free right turning lane for access to east bound I-80, which made this section into 7 lanes for traffic. New street lighting was added along Dewar Drive with new traffic signals at the interstate ramps and at a major intersection on Dewar Drive and Gateway. There were many additional enhancements that were constructed during this project. A living snow fence was constructed in the area between the ramps and interstate at the Dewar interchange. A granite monument welcoming people to Rock Springs was placed in the Pilot Butte portion of the project. Decorative concrete panels were also placed in the Pilot Butte portion of the project.