Junction of Highway 34 and Interstate 29

Moody County, South Dakota

Owner: South Dakota Department of Transportaion
Year: 2009
Category: Divided Highway (Rural)
Reede Construction, Inc. Role: Subcontractor

This project consisted of replacing exsisting roadway with 9" PCCP concrete on each side of the structure over I-29 by the Colman exit on Highway 34. The amount of PCCP was around 10,157 square yards of surfacing, which amounts to 2,690 cubic yards of concrete. We also contracted to do guard rail modifications of three structures. This consisted of removing barrier ends on four sides and modifying them to receive new guardrails. This process involved more labor than concrete. The last part of this project was 1999' of curb and gutter, driveways, and sidewalk in the city of Eden.